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Clay, though it has its challenges, is a joy.  I love that it is tactile and meditative and that you get a result instantly, whether good or bad.  I love that you can live with it - wear it on your body, eat out of it, keep flowers in it or grow plants out of it.  I love the transformations and surprises you get out of the kiln.  I love the way it teaches you patience and to try again, to try a different way. Sometimes that magical alchemy that happens in the mix of elements knows better than you what’s good. 

I was a painter before I ever got my hands in the clay and I tend to draw for a lot of my work. I formally studied clay over seven years at Southbank Tafe in Brisbane and have been working consistently ever since.  

I'm always inspired by nature and art and love my work to be useful and used.   I believe the interaction you have with something handmade can bring you into the moment and I love work where you can still get a sense of the raw elements from what it is made.

I make the work for you, hope you like it.  :)